Executive Search and Recruitment

More and more arts and cultural organizations compete today for competent and experienced professional leadership. Compounding the problem, the pool of talent is an elite and small one. Should you retain outside help?

Our answer, of course, is biased. But because we believe there is no mystery to a successful search, we invite you to judge for yourself. The following are keys steps and criteria we have found to be absolutely vital to the search process. Can your organization satisfy them?

·         Clearly articulate what is needed. Ensure the job responsibilities are consistent with your organization’s mission and that your expectations for candidates are realistic and attainable.

·         Identify potential candidates throughout the nation who fit your experience, personality, and salary requirements. Aggressively, but discreetly, recruit them, whether or not they are actively seeking new employment.

·         Assess the quality and relevance of a candidate’s previous employment and experience. Have access to reliable industry contacts to receive honest and informed opinions on the candidates’ backgrounds.

·         After the interviews, objectively evaluate the candidates. Compare them against the requirements stated at the outset of your search.

·         Select the right candidate. Assemble an attractive compensation package and ensure that it is competitive with others in the field. Make the offer.

Why retain MCA?

Because, unlike general executive search firms, MCA extends your reach in a tightly focused direction: the nationwide, and if appropriate international, arts and cultural community. Our intimate knowledge of, and personal contacts in, these fields enable us to find and objectively evaluate the most talented individuals. We proceed deftly and discreetly in our recruitment, realizing that the very best people tend not to respond to advertisements. We do not represent individuals — we represent your organization.

Every search begins by understanding your organization: its mission, its people, and the strengths and qualities that make your opportunity attractive to potential candidates. The search then proceeds following the five essential steps outlined above.

And what is the result of a successful search? A good match! The candidate is delighted to join your organization, you are happy to have him or her, and together you move the organization forward.

Our emphasis on a strong and comprehensive process not only leads to successful results but also provides you, your board, and staff with a greater understanding of your organization and how to make it most effective. We take great pride in that achievement, reflecting our work in over 800 searches for arts and cultural organizations.