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The Public Theater is one of America’s great theaters, rich in its history of artistic and civic accomplishment. It is in the midst of a burst of growth and even more impact. Its powerful mission and values can be found on the last page of this document.

Its budget today is $45 million, but it is predicted to significantly increase over the next 10 years. This is therefore a moment of significant change and promise for this venerable institution as it has grown to producing and presenting an enormous amount of work on its multiple stages at its home base, as well as at the Delacorte in Central Park, commercial transfers on and off Broadway, and co-productions with America’s finest theaters. The flow chart for a season now reveals there is really no “down time,” and the activity includes multiple aspects beyond work on its main theatre stages. These include Joe’s Pub, Public Works, the Mobile Unit touring more and more parks throughout the boroughs of NYC, Under the Radar Festival, Public Shakespeare Initiative, and Public Forum. This is not to mention the enormous amount of new play development that continues to support some of the great writing in this country.

With a major strategic plan on the near horizon, Artistic Director Oskar Eustis and Executive Director Patrick Willingham have joined with key leadership within the Public to conceive of a new staffing structure. This structure will provide critical internal support during the extended period when the Artistic and Executive Directors must spend significant time resources on fund-raising and renovation planning. General Manager Jeremy Adams has been elevated to the post of Managing Director; the Associate Producer will report to him. As such, they both will be at the crucial intersection of artistic and so-called administrative aspects of the theater.

The Associate Producer will become a crucial force in making these structural changes work. While reporting to Jeremy Adams, there will be ongoing and rich interaction with Artistic Director Oskar Eustis, as well as with the Associate Artistic Director Mandy Hackett (who, among other roles, oversees commercial production activity) and Production Executive Ruth E. Sternberg (who has worked with Oskar Eustis in various capacities for 20 years). Additionally, the new hire will work with the directors of new work development, casting, special artistic projects, Under the Radar, and Public Works. There will also be a new position created for an Artistic Chief of Staff who will become part of this large and important team.

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As noted above, the Associate Producer role is newly minted as part of a significant restructuring the Public has undertaken to address its exceedingly complex, fluid, and challenging scope of work. Because it is a new position, the chosen candidate will become an integral part of the team to evaluate how the new structure can evolve to best serve the Public Theater. It is assumed that further changes in the roles will likely be made once the work of the Associate Producer becomes interwoven with the growth and rapid change at this theater. What follows in this document is the best thinking at this time by the leadership of the organization.

The current articulation of the responsibilities is as follows:

There are 3 central roles that are key to the Associate Producer’s success: 

• Lead the Producing department and manage its 4 Line Producers, Associate Line Producers and assistants, maintaining a cohesive team that achieves high artistic standards and effectively uses its considerable capacity.

• Provide focus, prioritization and context in a landscape of multiple and concurrent commitments.

• Engage with artists to identify the resources/scope required to create budget assumptions for each production; manage those assumptions and communicate if changes/requests for more resources occur. 

Additional responsibilities will include: 

• Serve as primary liaison between artists and internal departments including but not limited to Marketing, Development, and General Management.

• Oversee creative team meetings and design presentations.

• With Artistic Chief of Staff, facilitate attendance of Artistic Director and Associate Artistic Director at rehearsals, technical rehearsals and performances.

• When taking the lead on line producing specific projects, collaborate with the Production Manager and Company Manager as a show team to provide support to production, artists and the wider organization.

• Oversee copy edit and approval of programs, press releases and marketing materials on behalf of the Producing department for all projects.

• As an advocate, represent The Public Theater to the Board of Directors as well as to national and international stakeholders.



No one person will fully meet all these qualifications. However, the leadership team for the hiring will be assessing to what degree each candidate comes close to their expectations by evaluating the following factors, which are not necessarily articulated in priority order:

Professional Experience 

• Ability to manage among multiple concurrent projects with competing and unpredictable schedules, a constant vying for the time and attention each production deserves and creating as smooth a glide path as possible for each one; doing this will require ongoing consultation with the marketing, development, finance, HR, and general management departments.

• Comprehensive knowledge and experience in non-profit theater and theater at large.

• An understanding and embrace of The Public Theater’s mission, strategies and programming.

• High proficiency in key producing disciplines, including effective collaboration skills among the multiple internal staff and guest artists, and the know how in shepherding a project through its multiple phases to completion.

• Dramaturgy skills: the ability to communicate with the artistic director, directors, playwrights and other artists to support program vision.

• Understanding of labor regulations.

• Performance management skills.  

Personal Qualities and Values

The following are all important to the success of the Associate Producer:

• Excellent social skills, including an awareness of protocol and sharp communication skills, particularly public relations/public speaking.

• Comprehensive relationship management skills across a broad range of stakeholder groups since the Associate Producer will indeed become the primary liaison among artists and all internal departments of the theater.

• Analytical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

• Keen process management skills.

• Calmness and good humor in an immensely busy organization.

Successful candidates will demonstrate a deep commitment to advancing equity and inclusion at the Public Theater. 

Leadership hopes to make its final decision no later than early fall this calendar year. The start date for full-time employment will be as soon as possible thereafter. 


Applications accepted until July 31, 2018 

Interested and qualified candidates are encouraged to submit in complete confidence a cover letter and resume to the consulting firm retained to conduct the search. A letter of no more than 1½ pages should describe why this post and theater are attractive to the applicant and what about them and their work makes them a potentially strong contributor to the Public’s success through their impact as Associate Producer: 

Management Consultants for the Arts, Inc.
Attn: Greg Kandel and David Mallette
Public Theater
By email (preferred method): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or mail/fax to:
MCA, Inc., 65 High Ridge Road #128
Stamford, CT 06905

Phone: 203-353-0722  Fax: 203-353-0893


The Public is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Applicants from populations underrepresented in the theater field are strongly encouraged to apply. All qualified applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin, ability, age, or veteran status. 

This is an Exempt position, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Public Theater Statement of Mission and Values

Our strengths reflect America at its best: open to new ways of thinking, cultural difference, and high ideals. We are fundamentally and intentionally democratic. We are of, by and for the people.

The Public Theater makes art that matters. By embracing a multitude of voices and amplifying them everywhere, we help realize the art’s greatest power: to be a true force for change. 


  1. The Public Theater is of, by, and for the people.
  2. The Public views its performances not as commodities, but as experiences -- not as objects, but as relationships: between artists and the audience, and between the theater and society. The culture belongs to everyone.
  3. The Public is guided by democratic values: openness, diversity, the belief that people have the right to tell their own stories, and the conviction that in drama and democracy alike the clash of opposing views leads to the truth.
  4. The Public prides itself on being a good citizen: engaging with the most vital and provocative ideas and issues of our time and serving as a force for social change onstage and off.
  5. The Public strives to ensure that artists and staff members lead an artistically exciting and financially sustainable life, as part of an ongoing creative community.
  6. The Public believes that theater, like American life, gains strength through diversity: We produce Shakespeare, new plays, concerts, the theater of ideas, and more because each pursuit is enriched by all the others and because their union under one roof creates a truly national theater. 

Art First
We have excruciatingly high standards. Our aim is to create the canon of 21st century theater.

Impact Always
We explore the truth, challenge convention and impact the world beyond the stage.

Access for All
We bring art to the widest, most diverse audience possible. The community nourishes the art, and the art – the community.


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