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we have the knowledge and skills required to protect your business and the intellectual property that makes it thrive.

With over 30 years of combined Patent and Trademark experience, can provide you with an in-depth Market Research Report to inform you about the industry relevant to your intellectual property, guide you in strategic decisions, and help you build a strong business plan. The reports, which are available for hundreds of industries include current, relevant data with charts, graphs, industry statistics and trends, forecasts and detailed analyses. We offer a discount on any Market Research Report purchased in combination with any intellectual property search.

Patent Search & Legal Opinion

A Patent Search is an actual search made to determine whether a particular invention is novel or new. Our team of patent attorneys with years of experience and a vast amount of resources will perform the Patent Search. The Patent Search and Legal Opinion will also determine the numerical chance of successfully pursuing a patent, e.g., 50% chance, 85% chance, 1% chance, etc. We are experts in the art of searching through patents and have about 600 truly amazing client reviews.

IP Litigation

File a Patent

The Patent Search is always the first and most critical step in the Patent Application process. Put simply, the Patent Application should only be filed if the Patent Search is clear. Once the Patent Search is clear, an inventor can file a Provisional Patent Application which gives 1 year of protection and a filing date with the patent office or the inventor can file the real patent application or what is called the Non-Provisional Patent Application. If approved, the Non-Provisional Patent Application essentially gives the inventor a monopoly on manufacturing, selling and licensing the product.

Know your Market

Trademark Search

Prior to filling a federal trademark application, it is highly important to initiate a trademark search. Not only will the trademark search determine the availability of your prosed trademark, but it serves to protect you from infringement lawsuits by ensuring that you do not use another company's logo or slogan. Our comprehensive trademark search service includes pending and active trademarks at the USPTO and has a fast turnaround so that you can freely use your logo or slogan as soon as possible.

PatentLawyerUSA can assist you with intellectual property litigation for patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Our network of talented, industry leading law firms have worked on numerous cases for a wide range of industries and client types, and have the technical expertise to handle the most complex lawsuits. These attorneys have litigated ground-breaking intellectual property holders, small businesses with patents, as well as a prominent list of clients that includes: IBM, Intel, Microsoft, QVC, Canon, and Capitol Records, among others. PatentLawyerUSA looks forward to getting this powerful service on your case.

File a Trademark

A Trademark is critical to a business and is defined as a word, logo, symbol, or tagline that identifies a particular company's brand. If you fail to secure such protection, anyone can start using your name brand, and in some cases they may demand that you stop using what they now claim is their Trademark. A Trademark is also an asset that holds value and can be sold or licensed to other companies.

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All reviews are 100% authentic. PRPC Rule 7.1 states that: A lawyer shall not make a false or misleading communication about the lawyer or the lawyer's services.

Over 600 Client Reviews

Patent Analysis I've worked with Patent Lawyer USA on about about 4 projects, and they have not let me down yet. Compared to their collegues, he's easy to get a hold off, works past regular business hours, and is exceptionally quick to respond to any questions posed to him. their is why I'm a repeat customer."
- Skunkworx
Trademark Logo Patent Lawyer USA is the reason I can sleep at night. No matter the question, no matter the need, no matter the hour, they makes themselves available. Hands down the best lawyer! I'll NEVER go elsewhere. Thanks again Patent Lawyer USA!
- Bradcambria
Register Trademarks If there was a way to put a 10 on responsiveness, I would. Trademark was submitted in less than one hour of funding escrow on Sunday afternoon! Patent Lawyer USA had the best price, most experience, most repeat customers, and did not dissapoint. Use their lawyer for trademarks!"
- Slingren
Patent Review Patent Lawyer USA is an excellent patent attorney! their fees are incredibly reasonable in comparison to their extensive experience. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA, will definitely be using their services again."
- AnthonyDIL
Private Job It was perfect experience. Very satisfied. Highly recommend. Will use again. Thank you Patent Lawyer USA."
- Bengao
Private Job Very fast, and highly communicative. Works well, and seems to always be working. When asking for a deliverable, the next time you hear from him it's done. He is results oriented, and provides guidance even outside the prevue of the project. I will continue to to use, and have continued to use, on all my Trademark Projects. He simply get's the job done, on time (actually before the deliverable date in most cases), and will always ask clarifying questions if he needs answers. Five Stars. *****"
- Ray4321
Private Job Cares about their customers and won't overcharge you. Gives you their analysis good news or bad. Will use again if needed."
- Sackline1
Trademark & Patent Analysis & Applications Good work and very responsive. Will hire again..."
- courtc2911
Software Patent The best comment I can give: we're using their lawyer again and again for projects that are critical to us"
- Miscag
Disclamiers, etc. for new website their lawyer should not receive 5 stars! Yes, you read that correctly, Patent Lawyer USA should not receive 5 stars. He should receive 10,000. What can I say? I hired Patent Lawyer USA off the feedback on their site. I first want to thank everyone that took the time to post feedback because you got me a great lawyer. Patent Lawyer USA is ridiculously fast, and the cost was 1/3 of what other attorneys were looking to charge me. He is open to comments and criticism without the intrusion of their ego, something EXTREMELY RARE in attorneys. He understands that it's your business, and you are coming to him for assistance in getting it squared away. I already have rehired him, and will use him in further projects down the road. With my full faith and confidence, I highly recommend him. Mike "
- Tinyboy
Private Job The wisdom Patent Lawyer USA provided was incredible. I felt so comfortable. He was patient in explaining the process. He helped me understand what I really needed and was quick and attentive. After I made my final payment he was still with me and didn't just check the box like so many other consultants I've worked with. Patent Lawyer USA is a permanent fixture in my business roundtable of advisors."
- IsomEvents
Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, and Legal Docs for My Website Great experience. their strengths include responsiveness, professionalism, and adherence to cost and schedule. I would recommend. "
- WhiteSand
Private Job Very professional, exactly what was needed. Thanks so much!"
- Sackline1
Trademark and Patent application for a biotech company Great to work with as always and super efficient ! "
Need Trademark & Copyright attorney My partner and I both were very pleased with Patent Lawyer USA and their professionalism. He was proactive, responsive, patient and knowledgeable. Hiring Patent Lawyer USA was the best decision we could have made to navigate our way through the trademark process. We will definitely work with him again if the need arises and we will enthusiastically recommend their services to others in need of their expertise!"
- Kalbllc
Private Job Fast, intelligent, cost conscious, candid."
- Getvimmed
Patent work and Trademark abandonment revival I highly recommend their services for trademarks, patents, etc.. Very professional and efficient. I will be using him for future work."
- Fitbytes
Need Help filing Federal Trademark for restaurant WOW! You won't find a better or faster lawyer! All our questions were answered in a very timely manner. Once we chose Patent Lawyer USA, he got right on it and completed our filing super fast. He is very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. Its easy to see why he's always getting great feedback! We are very glad we chose Patent Lawyer USA and would be happy to recommend him to anyone trying to decide which lawyer to choose!"
-Clients Name Confidential
Seeking Business Attorney re: Transfer of Patent Ownership Fast and efficient to work with. Highly recommend."
-Clients Name Confidential
Preparing answer to trademark opposition Patent Lawyer USA is a fantastic lawyer and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. He does amazing work and goes above and beyond for their clients. We're so lucky we found him, definitely will stick with him for their and other legal projects. Thank you so much for providing such honest, affordable and professional service!!
-Clients Name Confidential
Private Job Thank you for providing very helpful advice, fast and thorough service, and for paying attention to every detail."
Private Job Thank you for your valuable advice with their project. I appreciate your ideas."
Trademark Conflict Search and Filing Patent Lawyer USA is fantastic to work with and I highly recommend him as the legal professional to hire to assist you with your intellectual property filings. Patent Lawyer USA exceeded our expectations with helping us perform conflict searches and getting our proposed trademark filed. He is responsive accurate and very thorough. Thank you Patent Lawyer USA!"
- paulineprice
USPTO Response We are an IT firm and have worked with a number of lawyer firms. I must say that Patent Lawyer USA is not any ordinary attorney. their approach is very smooth and he removes complexities - bottom line, he gets the job done fast and correctly."
-Clients Name Confidential
Software Patent Search Patent Lawyer USA is just a stellar performer. He does a great job, usually ahead of schedule. He is very responsive. Would recommend to anyone looking for their skills."
- Chandy21
Consultation via email Great! Knowledgeable and efficient work!"
-Clients Name Confidential
Private Job Incredibly knowledgeable and fast. I was surprised at how quickly everything was done. I have nothing bad to say about LegalZoom, (what I used before) but after working with Patent Lawyer USA I will never go back to LegalZoom again. I now know why it is important to work with a person who is an expert in their field. I would get responses usually within a few minutes of posted my questions, he was proactive and on top of every aspect of my project. I would recommend Patent Lawyer USA to anyone."
- Cjanky
Private Job Excellent IP attorney! Smart, resourceful and super fast! Highly recommended for any trademark or contract work. A++++"
-Clients Name Confidential
Trademark for my web site G1V1NG.COM Incredible to work with, filed the trademark in a matter of hours! I really wish there are more people like him to help me with my other needs :) Sincerely, Raj."
- RajDenver
Patent Filing and Trademark Company Name Patent Lawyer USA was great to work with. He adapted quickly to what I was trying to patent. I was very impressed with how quick, accurate, and professional he was. I surely will use him in the future."
- Sky_Digital Trademark
Patent Lawyer USA is by far one of the best around! their is the 4th time I've worked with him, and he strives to get the work done as quickly as possible. Usually, if you have a question or send him an email, he responds within minutes. He also takes the time to answer your questions, which is very valuable in itself. A++ work "
- Skunkworx
Private Job Thank you for doing a great job on another challenging project. I appreciate your attention to detail, quick turnaround, and excellent customer service."
- Rambasaf2012
Patent Patent Lawyer USA worked with for an hour straight on a Friday night at 10pm. He didn't have to do that but that is the kind of guy he is, hes like a teacher who cares for their/her students, recommend him to everyone"
- CookFortunato
Trademark Search and Trademark Filing I've worked with many legal professionals over the years and found Patent Lawyer USA a very skilled and knowledgeable legal professional. As a new user to their service, Patent Lawyer USA demonstrated a great deal of patience and someone of high integrity. I highly recommend Patent Lawyer USA and look forward to working with Patent Lawyer USA again. Thank you!! "
-Clients Name Confidential
Patent Filing amazing work, as always. can't say enough good stuff."
- Seangaddis
Trademark Phenominal, went above and beyond in every way. Our best experience ever! Very refreshing to know there are such great Lawyers out there willing to work with their clients to achieve maximum satisfaction. Will not go any where else in future, and nice to know our needs in their area are now in the best hands."
-Clients Name Confidential
Trademark protection I'm losing track of the number of times I've hired Patent Lawyer USA for these services. He gets the job done in an efficient, professional manner and that's what counts."
- 00sapper
Draft a service contract for a biotech company MANY MANY STARS ! "
Filling a trademark on our name for an open-source web site Great working with a fast and professional like Patent Lawyer USA. Will definitely continue to use their services."
- avia40
Response to a Demand Letter Patent Lawyer USA is a great attorney who takes their time to find out all of the deals before creating the appriopriate strategies to help the client. A letter was created for me, which I believe will satisfy all issues. What is nice is that if there are additional issues or feedback, I am sure he will help revolve it."
-Clients Name Confidential
Looking for attorney to Patent and Trademark our website name US Excellent, probably the best for trademarks and patents as you can already see from the feedback before me. Will be using in the future. Thank you!"
- Buzzmart
Private Job Man, talk about helpful! I needed some contracts drawn up, but like most non-lawyers, I needed to know the answers to questions that I didn't know to ask. Patent Lawyer USA did it all and more, and for a reasonable cost. He gets back to you faster than you would ever expect someone to do so, usually any time of the day or night. If he keeps up their level of expertise, service, and general good-guy attitude, people are going to stop telling laywer jokes. He's giving their profession a good name! Do yourself a favor, protect your business, your ideas, and yourself. Hire their guy, you will absolutely be glad you did. "
- Aaronkneile
Setup a Delaware LLC Fast, accurate and affordable! Always great to work with Patent Lawyer USA!"
- stutzmanryan
Private Job Thank you. Great working with you again."
- Alainjb
Amend LLC Operating Agreement Very fast response time, great work. Thanks"
- Apage8
Review Independent Contractor Agreement Very efficient and professional. Would use again."
- Bornaud
FINALIZING 2 TRADEMARKS / make ammendments / simple job. Not sure why anyone would use Anybody else. "
- Esnado
Private Job Great communication and responsiveness. Would definitely recommend. "
Private Job Thank you for your help on another challenging project and for the excellent communication and first rate customer service."
Trademark Excellent work. "
- Frawgstomp
Patent work and Trademark infringement of Amazon seller Patent Lawyer USA is very professional, you won't be disappointed. "
- NicoLeung
Private Job Thanks again!"
Trademark Patent Lawyer USA didn't just file my trademark within a few hours, but he also answered promptly on all the questions I had beside trademark registration. Thanks! I highly recommend their service and I will sure use him in future."
-Clients Name Confidential
Private Job Thank you for your help and quick turnaround on the project. I appreciate your excellent customer service and superb communication."
Respond to Office Action of Patent Application Patent Lawyer USA was fast, efficient and answered all of my questions. I would not hesitate to use them again when I am in need of Trademark service."
- RickTew
Trademark Advice Excellent excellent excellent work from Patent Lawyer USA. I am so glad I found him. Not only was Patent Lawyer USA extremely knowledgeable, he was really enjoyable to work with. The intelligence of the advice was evident by how well researched, clear cut and unambiguous it was. Superbly efficient. Someone that is in the business of making their clients much smarter."
- Sdny
Research domain/business name to identify any trademark issues Fast service, informative feedback... thank you very much!"
-Clients Name Confidential
Filling a trademark on our unique infographic on our new web site As usual, it was a pleasure to work with Patent Lawyer USA. Fast, professional, and to the point. Will definetly continue to use their services."
- Avia40
Trademark Great job. Super quick and to the point. Even dealt well with my busy schedule! "
- Avia40
Private Job Very prompt, professional, and gives excellent ongoing feedback to follow-up questions. Will use again for future trademarking issues. "
- Robe13
Company Logo Trademark/Servicemark Overall, a great experience. Extremely fast and knowledgeable. "
- Levelteamcontracting
Strategic Patenting Patent Lawyer USA is very professional and responsive. Will be glad to work with him again."
- Rosson
Trademark opinion Great communication. I am not sure Patent Lawyer USA ever sleeps. He has the same work ethic as I would want from any of my partners. A++ lets hope we get the trademark approved!"
-Clients Name Confidential
Trademark US & Canada I am extremely happy with the service that I received from Patent Lawyer USA. Patent Lawyer USA is not just good; he is excellent at what he does. He is very responsive & professional. I would highly recommend him for any legal work in the future to anyone."
- Bigchicago
Patent Work Needed a patent review. Great to work with. Completed job quickly. Very thorough. Will definitely use again"
- TBL_Enterprises
SFS Trademark Application Very knowledgeable and responsive, helped me decide that copyrighting the material was better protection than applying for a trademark. Definitely would use again. Missed original deadline, but that was due to my delays, not their, and due to evaluation time that changed application from trademark to copyright. "
- RGB66
Private Job Very responsive."
- Boyland
File for Trademark Great work. Super fast response time. Will use again."
- Benbright1
Seeking Person(s) to Help with Legal Aspect of Starting Up A New Business Very satisfied. "
- Poddo
Trademark Search & Filing Patent Lawyer USA is fantastic. He really goes the extra mile for you. I've said it before, but working with him is unlike any attorney/client relationship I've ever had. I've recommended him to several friends and will continue to do so. He seems to really want their services to be a good deal for you, and they are."
- Aaronkneile
Trademark research A return customer and once again very pleased with the service. Patent Lawyer USA does a great job of seeing their process through professionally and promptly. Will of course use again soon."
- 00sapper
Patent Work We look forward to working with Patent Lawyer USA on the patent draft and filing."
- PeopleScan
Private Job Excellent in all regards. He stuck in there with me on a contract review that was suppose to take a couple of days but due to the lack of legal experience from software company that had drawn up the contract, the negotiations went on for over 2 weeks. Needless to say there was lot of back and forth one liner emails that he was very respsonsive to and made sure that our company was protected in the end."
- Newsite2009
Contract Template Exceptional work as always. We are repeat customers and we will definitely be back again in the future."
-Clients Name Confidential
Patent Search thanks for every thing, will work again "
- Bkara
Trademark brand and logo Contractor was knowledgable and helpful, will use again."
- Barrettchicken
Air-tight Confidentiality Agreement Needed ASAP Was very fast and thorough!"
- Adobee99
Trademark A Logo My Trademark process with Patent Lawyer USA was absolutely incredible and he was extremely professional, very informative, provided immediate and quick feedback and answers and made their whole process a very positive experience for me and my company. I have used him again for other projects and will absolutely use him for future projects. Patent Lawyer USA was an excellent and competent professional and great to work with. "
- MPagan
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA did a fantastic job with the response to Office Action. I would definitely use him again in the future. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!"
- Dkylaw
Trademark request for 3 characters Thanks for the good work."
- Quackfrog
Private Job Fast, knowledgeable and exactly what we needed. Would definitely hire again."
- Dkylaw
Patent and TM work Perfect in every point! Will recommend Patent Lawyer USA to anyone in need for search or application! "
- Loicmucha
Trademark a business name and logo I enjoyed working with Patent Lawyer USA. He explained everything as we progressed in the filing process. And there were no surprises! I will definitely hire him again. :-) -SLSorrels"
- PhysixLLC
Trademark search Best in class"
- Akim_83
Trademark Attorney needed Thanks so much, will use you again"
- itaboo
Assistance in filing a simple trademark for startup company So far, so good! Like many of their other clients, I was most appreciative of Patent Lawyer USA's lightning fast responses and clear communication. He really works hard to make sure the ball gets rolling quickly, which I really liked. I look forward to continuing to work with Patent Lawyer USA in getting my trademark cemented in"
- AgonyBooth
Need attorney to file application for USA trademark Thank you!"
- irun26
Register trademark for Shopperty their is the first time I used Patent Lawyer USA, and I can say it was one of the most enjoyable work experiences I've had. He is extremely fast and responsive, as only true knowledgeable and experienced trademark attorneys can be. Truly recommend him!"
- lsilman
Legal Opinion Letter What can I say their was the best legal transaction I have ever done! I will be back for more! Thank you! :)"
- Jambothompson
Image Copyright I was very pleased with their service. Patent Lawyer USA was extremely fast and professional. "
- MudflapRags
LOGO TRADEMARK/COPYRIGHT AND DESIGN PATENT Fast, helpful, and will definitely use again (and again!)"
Trademark Analysis & Patent Search Fast and concise intellectual property attorney! Expert choice for trademark work and patent work. Can't beat their flat rates, or the economical hour rate, so happy to find an honest and true IP expert. I will also use him for contractual and corporate matters. He is an ASSET to elance! A++++"
-Clients Name Confidential
Need Trademarks filed. Patent Lawyer USA was great to work with, especially for a first time "trademarker" like myself. He answered all my questions no matter how simple or unimportant they were. He was also extremely responsive and replied to all of my emails quickly. Also: Price was great! Quality of work was great! Completed the application process very quickly! I will definitely use Patent Lawyer USA for any further Trademark work I need to have done."
- Bome20
Received Trademark Infringement Letter Very pleased, would hire again."
- BradHFS
search and register a Trade Mark name in USA and Canada Very honest !! Thanks for the help"
-Clients Name Confidential
Website legal matters Goes above and beyond! Thanks!"
- oiltyc
Privacy Policy We hired Patent Lawyer USA to prepare our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and offer relevant suggestions for our website. We found him to be prompt, efficient and knowledgeable. We recommend him and will likely use their services in the future."
- Danp200
Trademarking words and phrases for use in tshirts and other apparel Patent Lawyer USA is by far the fastest contractor that i have ever worked with. He has very open communication and is very quick with their turnaround."
- Anfrezza
Iowa Lawyer/Attorney Patent Lawyer USA is an awesome attorney, he knows what he is doing! A+"
- TheGauFamily
Trademark for my website(s). Not sure if patent is needed? Patent Lawyer USA is the most professional person that I have ever encountered! He takes everything very seriously and has your best interest in mind every time. He is now my go to for everything legal!! Thanks Patent Lawyer USA"
-Clients Name Confidential
Response to office action for trademark registration Will definitely use in future projects. Professional and very fast and responsive. A++"
- Mazdak18
Private Job good. highly recomended"
- MindandBodyResearch
Private Job Great to work with -- job well done. "
- Tombylangley
Legal counsel for new web site A pleasure to work with. Very reasonable, friendly, and most of all helpful. Thank you. "
- Lothilius
Trademark Filing No nonsense, quick work. Replied to bid, was hired and had filing done in < 24 hours. Just what we needed."
- Bigcabguy
Patent Advice Very knowledgeable about the patent process, Patent Lawyer USA even helped me come up with a plan to sell the product and start my own business. Will definitely use him again."
- ChrisImperato
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA's expertise was prompt and precisely what we needed to resolve our project needs. We look forward to working with him in the future and highly recommend him."
- Healthy-Way
Trademark application Patent Lawyer USA was great. Very responsive, great advice, knows the space very very well. A pleasure to work with. I had never filed a trademark application before and using Patent Lawyer USA was terrific. I would work with him again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended+++"
- Markap42
Need to Register a Trademark for My Business with USPTO Fast and accurate. The speed at which the entire job was completed was amazing!"
- NYC2000
Trademark registration in EUROPE Patent Lawyer USA is very professional and responsive. Will be glad to work with him again. Highly Recommended. Thanks "
- Americana
Trademark registration in US Patent Lawyer USA is very professional and responsive. Will be glad to work with him again. Highly Recommended. epicurex"
- Americana
Company Product Trademark Thanks."
- Selectrob
Copyright and Patent Work Very good and quick."
-Clients Name Confidential File a trade mark very fast and honest will work with him again."
- Sparkspeed
Private Job Strong expertise and communication through out the entire project. Highly recommended. I will use Patent Lawyer USA again for legal projects."
- Getvimmed
Trademark search and analysis Patent Lawyer USA has been awesome in helping me out! He has gone above and beyond the service that you typically receive from other trademark lawyers for a fraction of what they charge. He is now my go to guy for all my intellectual property legal needs. Highly recommended!"
- Techmo
Private Job I hired their lawyer as I'm quite busy with IOS programming related projects and deadlines and needed a lawyer who could do the same work online as off. I needed a "cease and desist" letter drafted (and followed up), some trademark work, as well as a contract release. Patent Lawyer USA provided all of their as well as provided other advise. I would recommend their lawyer without reservation based upon the work he completed for our company. "
- Craigo
Need a Short Document Stating Auction Site is Legal Thanks!"
- Guarddoggraphics
Private Job Thanks again!"
- Nat953 Private Job I highly recommend their man."
- Reggie43
Setting up Incorporation Very professional and responsive. Good value for services provided."
- Tesla-solutions
Patent Work Patent Lawyer USA definitely knows their stuff. He is very easy to work with and not only met expectations but exceeded them.
- SalWigs
Private Job Superb! Patent Lawyer USA was very affordable and generous with their time. I recommend him without reservation, you won't be disappointed. "
- Aek8890
Trademark Website Name Great job with getting our Trademark submitted. Responds quickly to your questions. We will definitely use again."
- CM3Solutions
Trademark, Copyright and Legal Content for Website and Logo. Cannot get any better than their! Great person, great attitude and very informative about our needs. Well done! Thanks again!!!"
- New_look
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA makes things happen. He drafted my document in hours, modified it when I needed to cover custom legal scenarios, and just wrapped it up that same night. He's highly recommended."
- Pepsirules2k
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA is just a gem. He's very accommodating and the final draft of legal documents is just top notch."
- Pepsirules2k
need help with name protection for new subsidiery company Everything went well; Patent Lawyer USA knows their stuff!"
- Home-Plus
Trademark / copyright assistance for website Quick, efficient and expert-level knowledge in their field. Patent Lawyer USA made the entire process almost too easy!!"
- Caven396
Sample Design Agreement 2nd job & will be back for more!"
- Apexwellnessdesigns
Patent and Trademark Office Action Patent Lawyer USA has an acute understanding of patent and trademark law and I can testify to their aptitude and skills in accomplishing our goals in a timely and very cost effective way. Highly Recommended!"
- StrategyDoc
Legal Writing - Intellectual Property & NDA Reliable, Quick and fast - Would use him again"
- Eaccount125
Private Job Very professional and quick turnaround time. Look forward to working with their him again soon. "
- Nat953
Trademark: Consult, file, and secure Trademark Extremely responsive, knowledgeable, proficient, and FAST! I just hope that my trademark goes through. "
- Nucleavenom
Trademarks I was very impressed with their professionalism and advice. He suggested a roadmap for us that was very helpful."
-Clients Name Confidential
Trademark Attorney their guy is the best of the best. He started my project around 3 p.m. PST and would not finish until the job was completed at 9:10 p.m. PST He corrected me three times to ensure I my mark was submitted correctly. "
- Simike82
Trademark business name and logo Outstanding as always. Extremely fast and competent. "
- Ladevi
Trademark Fantastic. Extremely fast and very attentive to details. Highly recommended."
- Ladevi
Trademark Consultation Quick, responsive, and a clear communicator. Would not hesitate to use again."
- JonathanK
Convert Provisional Patent to non-provisional Patent Lawyer USA is very professional! He is super quick to get back to you when you have questions(most of the time within minutes)! He knows how to do the job and do it quick! By far the best service I have received to date! Will use him again in the future!!!!!!!"
- Stephanpease
Trademark Attorney Patent Lawyer USA was a pleasure to work with. He stays focused on the job from beginning to end and never leaves you guessing at whether or not he's working on your project. "
-Clients Name Confidential
Attorney needed to file application for USA Trademark Knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you!"
- Irun26
Review Web Design Contract Perfect and very timely. Patent Lawyer USA provided me exactly what I needed for my contract, and more."
- Sproutmarketing
Amazing service as usual.
- Stutzmanryan
copyright for facebook application great service, great communication, professional results. highly recommended"
- CreativeDolphins
Fine Art Release Form Development and Review Patent Lawyer USA is a true professional. He is courteous and get's things done promptly. I highly recommend working with him. Thanks!"
- Sramos123
NDA needed for product development project As advertised. Fast, knowledgeable & professional! Thanks Patent Lawyer USA, I'll be back!"
- Apexwellnessdesigns
Trade Marking our Business name and Logo Stop searching for anyone else right now. You've found who you are looking for. Extremely fast, reliable, and easy to work with. Patent Lawyer USA is the man and will get your project done in a flash."
- Stopchasing
Patent Work Best attorney i've worked with... by far. thanks for all the great work."
- Seangaddis
I need trademarks So far so good. Trademarks take a while to finalize, but up until now Patent Lawyer USA has been everything I could have wanted and more."
- Relationshipheadquarters
Review Independent Contractor agreement Exceptional response time. Job was completed within 2 hours to a very high standard. I could not be happier and would highly recommend."
- Metamorphorlife
WANTED: Trademark Atorney Fast and simple"
- Mborin
Need an NDA that I can use when showing my new product/invention My kind of guy! Ridiculously Fast.. literally.. started the job the moment it was awarded and finished it in not weeks, not days, not even hours... a matter of minutes. I'm not sure how you did that, crazy! Absolutely fantastic, I will be back! Thanks so much! A+"
- Heyidea
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA, As always very prompt and professional. Anything legal look no further. You will never have to worry about response time. It seems he is able to read your questions and get back to you before you can hit send! Great Service!! "
- Nat953
Patent Lawyer USA Needed for Advice I was extremely happy with Patent Lawyer USA 's work, knowledge and legal advice. I've already recommended him to a small inventor friend of mine who is always complaining about the exorbitant rates their Patent Lawyer USA charges him. Thank you Patent Lawyer USA ."
- ChalMezz
Trademark I decided to work with Patent Lawyer USA based on previous reviews. They weren't kidding. He is the real deal. Probably the fastest and most knowledgeable lawyer 've dealt with, yet courteous and patient with the customer's questions. If you're looking, look no more. Patent Lawyer USA is your man."
- Hernlui
Review Simple Contract/ Edit/ Revise/ Make Suggestions/ Format Very Happy Working With Patent Lawyer USA. Would Recommend. Sincerely, James, CEO Symbiotic Solutions, INC."
- jasmith6
Austr Trademark thanks great job "
- Bkara
Trademark Registration Information My brother recommended Law to me and I am highly satisfied withe the service I received from Patent Lawyer USA, He was extremely efficient, friendly,polite and helpful. I would recommend Patent Lawyer USA to anyone who needs a Trademark Lawyer. I will definitely use him again for my law needs."
-Clients Name Confidential
Website Disclaimers and Policies Another quick, painless and great job by Patent Lawyer USA. Mike"
- Tinyboy
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Patent Lawyer USA Needed Patent Lawyer USA was an absolute pleasure to work with. Unlike many Patent Lawyer USAs, Patent Lawyer USA took the time to answer my questions quickly and explain each and every step of the process."
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Terms and Conditions very fast service"
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Trademark I've never worked with a more prompt and responsive lawyer!"
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Trademark Filing | US and Canada Patent Lawyer USA was great - provided no BS advice and very quick turnaround on everything. Will definitely work with him again. Thanks"
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Trademark Great thanks, My third job and perfect like always... "
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Business name Trade Mark Law Center is one service i will be using again DEFINITELY, was fast and delivered before schedule...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, SEE FOR YOUR SELF."
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Patent Filing It was a pleasure working with Patent Lawyer USA on the Patent draft. He was very responsive. I look forward to working with Patent Lawyer USA on future matters."
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Trademark logo -Across Platforms I never expected Patent Lawyer USA would even doing the out Legal Zoom!"
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IP and Trademark Great communication"
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Private Job As before, impeccable service; precise, professional, and patient. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!!"
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Trademark Filing Patent Lawyer USA was super responsive and really went out of their way to accommodate and educate us in the process. A+++ -Nick"
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Attorney for trademark Registration Patent Lawyer USA is by far the most professional person I've ever hired. He was very knowledgeable about trademark law and was extremely accommodating with my schedule. I will absolutely use their services again in the future."
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File a Trademark application Very knowledgeable on Trademarks. Was very patient in advising me."
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Trademark for Company Brand extremely proactive in terms of help and making you understand the whole process"
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Review of TOS and Privacy Policy Excellent as always"
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NDA & contracts&startup consulting Highly recommendable."
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Legal Review Of Site Great work"
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Copyright Patent Lawyer USA was fast and effective. I will use him again Much appreciated."
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Organize a Simple organization Patent Lawyer USA was incredibly responsive, worked on a very tight timeline and delivered as requested. Would hire again without hesitation. Thank you Patent Lawyer USA. "
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Private Job WOW! There is nothing more to say. Patent Lawyer USA was professional, quick, accurate, and extremely knowledgable in every question I had for him. I posted the job at 10:30 PM, he responded less than 10 minutes later with a proposal, and in less than an hour I had all of my answers along with some great advice. Then, on top of it all, he even reimbursed me nearly 50% of my funds because we didn't use all of the time! Needless to say, their guy is as honest as it gets. Patent Lawyer USA is beyond a great asset! He makes using professionals worth every penny, and their response time is unparalleled by anyone. I couldn't be any happier! Patent Lawyer USA should be your number one choice, anyone else and you're simply setting yourself up for disappointment. "
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Trademark for Beverage Logo Outstanding in their field. "
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Trademark Registration Quick, honest and to the point."
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Need to get my slogan trademarked Thanks for your work, Patent Lawyer USA."
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Need help registering a trademark (iPhone app name) in the US Fast and professional, will hire again, thanks"
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USPTO trade name registration Patient and informed, cooperative and communicative. Thanks"
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Private Job their is by far one of the most excellent service I have received. Highly recommended!"
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NY Corporation A very positive experience. I plan to work with Patent Lawyer USA again soon."
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Help Close a Texas LLC The job took longer than expected but Patent Lawyer USA continued to keep me informed and stuck it out with me. Outstanding communication as well."
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Help needed for trademark registration Patent Lawyer USA provides professional service, clear communication and get it done quickly."
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Analogy Analysis Patent Lawyer USA provided an efficient analysis, got straight to the point, and proffered helpful and relevant information not originally requested. He is, hands down, a pleasure to work with!"
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Trademark Search & Registration their was my first experience with Patent Lawyer USA and a very positive one. I've worked with many attorneys in the past, from both large and small firms, and Patent Lawyer USA did not disappoint. He was responsive and informative to all of my questions, and I intend to work with him again."
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Private Job Patent Lawyer USA is on task and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. He's also fast and efficient. Excellent attorney."
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IP and Trademark Thanks"
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Help with copyright's Great to work with."
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Trade Mark AMAZING SERVICE! The provided worked over the Labor holiday weekend answering my questions and providing guidance. Responses were given quickly and timely. Patent Lawyer USA even saved me additional time and money that I did not know that I was able to. I have worked with my attorneys, but their one has been by far the best. Highly recommended."
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Private Job Another job well done, Patent Lawyer USA!"
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Private Job Patent Lawyer USA is very fast and will get your job done in good order. "
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Trademark Research The best attorney!"
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Website compliance Very experienced intellectual property and patent attorney, never wastes money and lightening fast."
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Trademark Office Action Super fast response, FIVE STARS!"
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Research how to sign over California Corporation Great work! Patent Lawyer USA rocks!"
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Consultation - Business Legal Form and Partner Con I did an LLC. Went off without a hitch. Patent Lawyer USA and their paralegal Shari are really terrific."
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Trademark Expert - Research INSTANT GRATIFICATION, it is easy to see why you are No. 1 and have such a successful trademark following. A+++++++"
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Website Disclaimers - Legal Compliance FIVE STARS - 24 hour turnaround on my website work and I am confident we are in full intellectual property and legal compliance, thanks Patent Lawyer USA!"
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LLC Conversion Thanks for the great service Patent Lawyer USA! It was great working with you again and look forward to our next project... Albert"
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Trademark Applications Thank you. Will use your service again."
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Trademark office action Wow. Great job. I am usually skeptical about attorneys ,I think I finally found one willing to get the job done quickly at a reasonabl fee .I have many more trademarks to register you will be hearing from me many more times within the next couple of months"
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Creating LLC or other business entity I would definitely use Law Center, PC again for any of my future needs. They were in constant contact with me throughout the entire process and answered all my questions without hesistaton."
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Terms & Condition template for ecommerce website I cannot recommend Patent Lawyer USA enough. He understood exactly what we needed and turned around the project much earlier than due date. He was very professional throughout the process. I am very impressed and will return to him for other legal projects!"
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Trademark Search & Filing Patent Lawyer USA gave excellent service and exceeded my expectations"
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Trademark Registration Thank you for superior and cost effective services. We're lucky we found you."
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Preparing answer to trademark opposition Patent Lawyer USA does everything really fast & professional and generously shares their expertise with a client. We were very nervous about handing out our case, but all the positive reviews swayed us and we think we made the right choice. Our case is very complicated..."
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Partnership Agreement Patent Lawyer USA is a great lawyer. I'm very happy to work with him again. Prompt, professional, and good at their trade."
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Trademark Search & Registration for Online Entity Very helpful and educational. Patient as well (I asked a lot of questions.) Recommended."
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Private Job Nice work. Thanks again for the help. On to the next project. Ray"
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Tradmark Attorney To Fix Trademark for our company he was quick, fast, accurate and very easy to deal with. Will definitely deal with again. Thanks again for making life easier for my business. "
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Trademark Needed He was very patient with me, even when I couldn't respond back right away due to constant traveling. Will use their services again in the future! Thank you."
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Name and Logo Trademark Fast Responsive on a Sunday. Will definitely hire again."
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Private Job their is the second time I have used Patent Lawyer USA. I was equally satisfied as I was the first time. Very thorough and responsive. Quick turnaround on feedback and contract updates. Very reliable and helpful. Answered as many questions as I had without hassle. Highly recommended."
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Ecom Website Terms & Conditions and Other Legality Fantastic Work, Good knowledge of subject matter, Delivery before time, great communication, doesn't need to tell him much about what needs to be done, he does it all and delivers to perfection. Hasn't been so satisfied with somebody's work. their guy is always on run, as somebody else mentioned, does he sleep. Great!!!! Somebody being fair!!!"
- AnshulGarg14
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA it was a pleasure to work with you. We plan on using your services in the future. Thanks again!"
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Private Job Very quick professional response. Job was completed within 24 hours. Would not hesitate to use again for any Trademark issues."
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Private Job Excellent professional service"
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Logo Copyright and Trademark filing Expert in Copyright and Trademark."
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Help register Brand in USA Excellent!"
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IP and Trademark Best money spent, will work with again"
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Private Job wonderful service. would hire again and plan to."
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LLC Thank you."
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Legal Document He is a great legal consultant and would definitely use him for my future projects."
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Trademark Tagline You are Trademark Rockstar, LOL. Seriously, I am grateful for your great work."
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Registering trademark Patent Lawyer USA did an excellent helping me fill out my trademark application. Her rate is excellent and I will definately work with her again."
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Manufacturing Agreement as always Patent Lawyer USA has been supportive, and dedicated to all of my projects. 100% recommend"
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Trademark search and registration He worked faster than I could and seemed like he never slept. He was always available. Had their project done in hours, not days. Highly recommended. "
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Private Job Fast and thorough. I am very pleased with the experience and the amount of time and effort put into the project. Exactly what I needed. Thank you."
Private Job Excellent work, as always!"
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Private Job Great Job and I will use you again for sure! Thanks so much."
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Private Job We're a returning customer. As usual, top lawyer."
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Private Job Excellent. Patent Lawyer USA is diligent, professional and very responsive to my questions. I am completely satisfied with their service and would highly recommend him to others."
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Review operating agreement for new company Excellent quality of work done at amazing speed."
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Minor amendments to Agreement Contract Patent Lawyer USA responded very quickly and worked on the updates in the agreement till I was totally satisfied. It's a pleasure working with such a diligent lawyer. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!"
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New LLC Thank you Patent Lawyer USA."
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Agreements as discussed Great work!"
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Private Job Outstanding communication, reponse time and professionalism. Thank you Patent Lawyer USA."
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Trademark lawyer needed Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Super fast work, extremely responsive and did a very thorough job. Thanks!!!"
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Trademark search and application Patent Lawyer USA was very prompt and efficient. He was extremely responsive to my inquiries. I highly recommend him."
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Corporation & Trademarks Project My second project with Patent Lawyer USA. He is an excellent lawyer. Fast, Efficient, and a very responsive. We will certainly leverage their services many more times. "
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Private Job Patent Lawyer USA is very patient and knowledgeable. He answered all my questions about Trademark and its usage in a very professional manner. Thank you for a great service! It's been a pleasure working with you! I will use their services again! And I definitely recommend him! "
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Private Job Great job"
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Legal Opinion fast and reliable work, ,thanks. will hire again."
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Trademark Research Lawyer By far THE BEST. Patent Lawyer USA was an expert from the beginning. Quick, precise, and answered every question i threw at him. Continuing another project with Patent Lawyer USA right now. Needless to say, I will do business with him again."
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IP and Trademark Thanks again"
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Trademark Patent Lawyer USA continues to provide great service and guidance."
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Trademark our brand Professional, prompt and to the point. Will definitely use in the future."
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Private Job Very good. Super quick, professional, and available at almost all hours of the day. I plan on working with Patent Lawyer USA again."
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File a trade name \C2Very professional work, very pleasant to work with. Will continue to use their services. \C2" "
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Website Terms of Service - Disclaimers Super great job as usual. Couldnt be happier. Thanks again Patent Lawyer USA."
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Private Job Thank you again for your fast response, excellent customer service, and attention to detail."
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Read and Review a NDA Good job! Very fast and professional."
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TM Application For Company name and Logo Good service"
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Federal Trademark Search & Application Thanks for all the good work and presence during the process. Ale Duarte"
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Trademark or Service Mark It was a relief to have Patent Lawyer USA work for me. He made things very ease and doable. I highly recommend their work. Ale Duarte"
- Aleduarte
Private Job Once again, Patent Lawyer USA provided exceptional and timely service. He used their expertise to help me develop the best solution for my needs."
- InnovKid
Trademark logo -Across Platforms Patent Lawyer USA went above and beyond what was required. For such a small fee he really cared that my company filed correctly. Wish he could be my regular lawyer!"
-Clients Name Confidential
IP and Trademark Very good work"
-Clients Name Confidential
Private Job Great to work with. Very responsive and thorough. Didn't give hasty responses. Very good, personal level of service to get my questions answered thoroughly. Would definitely work with him again."
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Trademarking Patent Lawyer USA was excellent to work with and was extremely efficient in having my needs on their project met."
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Trademark Registrations Very professional."
- USPNMarketing
Trademark likelihood of confusion Help Patent Lawyer USA is just great!"
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IP and Trademark ...Will use again and again!"
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Trademark search and application Fast service as always. Thanks"
- Labelsrus
Website Terms of Use-Privacy Policy Great as always. Thanks"
- Labelsrus
Private Job Thank you for your quick work, professionalism, prompt answer to all of my questions, and making my first project a successful one."
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IP and Trademark Very timely in application and delivered as promise, will refer more work in the future"
-Clients Name Confidential
License agreement for images and videos Patent Lawyer USA once again did an excellent job with my project. If you want someone to thoroughly complete your job at an excellent rate then I would recommend Patent Lawyer USA."
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Private Job Excellent work. Will continue to use for all services. "
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Private Job Very quick and works late. I don't know where he finds the time. Job well done."
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Contract Review Again, Just great and really thorough. A big help"
Assistance With Trademark Problem Notice Patent Lawyer USA addressed my project immediately it was completed right away. Just what I was looking for...a quick, professional, knowledgeable, resolution to my trademark problem. "
- Chrislinn
Trademark Extremely prompt. Provides good insights into best practices of submitting trademark applications. Thanks!"
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Private Job Very professional, very available and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him."
- Isday Website Disclaimer Review I used Patent Lawyer USA for a second time to create a liability waiver for a new project of mine. He was fast, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use again, or recommend to a friend. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA, you are awesome!"
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Private Job Excellent professional service."
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA is very helpful and quick to response. He is glad to answer and explain anything you need clarity on. I will be using him again in the future."
- Qbcoaching
Changing a Corporation to an LLC in Oklahoma Great to work with. Very responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. "
- Matteboy
Trademark Search & Application Great job as always!"
- Mweidner2782
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA, Thanks for making it easy and all your efforts! I would definitely use your services again! Regards, Bakeral1"
- Bakeral1
Application agreement Very quick and professional."
- Isday
Private Job Patent Lawyer USA was great. He provides expertise and recommendations instead of just executing the tasks you are assigning. I had a very good experience and will use him again."
- Sfalletta
Private Job Great communication, very quick response."
- Labelsrus
Private Job Highly responsive and professional, on top he is very patient with customers questions"
- Miscag
Attorney, lawyer, legal service for website Great lawyer - knowledgeable, professional, direct, fast. Pleasure to have as a consultant."
- Ezgoingy Private Job Very responsive. Gave useful advice before starting work."
- Voltaicsystems
Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Trademark, more? Very professional service. Will be using again for more work shortly. Delivered ahead of schedule and had an excellent knowledge of the services we requested."
- Slightedgellc
Private Job Excellent Service For TradeMark application"
- Motiw
Private Job good work"
-Clients Name Confidential
Trademark Honest guy. Kept their word and issued refund after search work."
-Clients Name Confidential
NDA Required for Apha Test Great work as usual"
-Clients Name Confidential
Patent Search Patent Lawyer USA was very helpful in not only performing the requested patent search, but also in answering any questions that I had after the fact. Task was completed very quickly."
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Trademarking New Companies Marks great job done. will be using for future projects "
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Private Job awesome work!"
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Private Job Very pleased...will be using for more legal work with our new business...Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!"
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Private Job The most responsive lawyer I've ever worked with."
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Website Contracts I will use Patent Lawyer USA again - very attentive and professional."
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Set up a Delaware LLC I could not be happier."
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Private Job fast, responsive, knows their stuff!"
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Response to Office Action Thank you very much great work and very patient. "
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Registering trademark their is an excellent attorney to work with - highly recommended!"
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Trademark a business name in California Very quick with responses, fair, knowledgeable.. will be working with him again. Highly recommended."
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LLC Assistance Fast, reliable and very knowledgeable. Thank you!"
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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for website Very well priced. Happy with the services. "
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Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy for Website I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I had my sites privacy policy and terms of use completed in record time, and I didn't need any changes. Patent Lawyer USA was extremely thorough and went above and beyond my expectations. Highly recommend him!"
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trademark file Good work and very responsive. I look forward to working with you in the future."
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Patent and TM Job Overall, I am very satissfied with their work. He responded to the office action very quickly, and their availability was more than just 9 to 5. I look forward to working with him in the future on some other trademark applications, as to avoid bloated costs of other patent attorneys and document filing companies such as Intuit. "
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Consultation Thanks"
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Questions for an Experience Trademark Attorney Great job!"
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LLC Formation Not only is he always 10 steps ahead of me, but the guy cares as much about my business as I do! Thanks again Dew!"
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LLC Attorney / Legal Consultant Good Work"
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Form and file LLC Thanks, Patent Lawyer USA! Great work."
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Trademark phrases for a real estate sales business their was my first trademark application and Patent Lawyer USA spent the time needed to insure I understood the process. He also advised me about risks associated with applying for a mark when there's another entitiy using it in the same service category."
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Legal Review Of Our Web Site Great Job!"
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Trademark for a system our company is developing Patent Lawyer USA was great to work with!"
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Trademark I try to save my five star ratings so when somebody like their comes along, a 5 star rating really means something. Impressed doesn't even begin to describe."
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Trademark \93Patent Lawyer USA was very clear and honest the whole time. He always kept me updated on the process, which I appreciated very much. Highly recommended!\94
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Trademark \93Excellent work, would totally recommend A +++\94
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Trademark registration for the name and logo of a business \93I like the work. \94
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Registration of few trademarks \93I had a great experience. Thank You \94
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Trademark consulting and filing for startup \93Went above and beyond answering my questions. Also, we had to trademark a different name than originally planned due to an issue with an existing trademark, they gave me time to come up with a new name and didn't charge me any extra for having to get two names searched.\94
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Trademark my company name \93Fast turnaround & good job \94
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Patent Application \93Very satisfied, will use in future,\94
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Trademark needed \93Thank you so much! That was fast! Great experience...very satisfied. :)\94
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Trademark for tech business \93The work was very quick. \94
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Patent Verification \93Outstanding Job. \94
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Patent Dispute \93Great experience. Even if the outcome of the dispute was never resolved to my favor Patent Lawyer USA did an excellent work. Very professional, honest, prompt with responses. Highly recommended\94
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Trademark C&D Letter \93Very knowledgeable, fast and courteous. If you have any trademark or IP needs, you wont regret choosing their provider!\94
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Looking for trademark for upcoming mobile game \93Amazing work! Very glad I work with him!\94
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Guidance on a patent submission process \93Great work, fast and to the point!\94
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Trademark dispute resolution \93Very professional, as always.\94
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Character Mark \93Truly one of the best experiences I've had. Provider is honest, quick and a great communicator. I will definitely use him again and encourage others to do so. \94
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Instagram iassue \93Great job!\94
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Trademark for Brand \93Very responsive and knowledgeable!\94
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Trademark Filing \93Wonderful experience working with Patent Lawyer USA. their was my second time hiring Patent Lawyer USA after being extremely pleased working with him for my LLC formation. The paperwork for my project was filed the day I hired him. Extremely fast and extremely thorough. Would definitely recommend. Thanks!\94
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Trade Mark filing - 2 \93Working with Patent Lawyer USA has been a pure pleasure. Patent Lawyer USA is very professional and knowledgable and works in timely and dedicated manner. He goes beyond what the brief states and offers their personal oponion - a quality that I very much appreciate. I am based in Hong Kong but in no way did i really feel the time difference as Patent Lawyer USA stayed up late to work with me during my mornings. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.\94
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Trade Mark filing \93I am very happy with the services I have received, thank you\94
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File a trademark \93very fast and efficient, will use again\94
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Trademark Registration - USA \93Patent Lawyer USA is an excellent service provider! I keep coming back for more work as we are always more than satisfied with their performance. He is always professional in their communications, has the required expertise, very responsive, always on budget and on time. We will return for more projects without question. \94
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Patent Writer for Produce Packaging \93Very professional, very efficient, very satisfied.\94
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Website Name Trade Mark for USA (Not visible to public) \93Communication is excellent. I will definitely use again\94
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Write an Opinion Letter Verifying the Company Info \93Great Work! \94
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Legal TM \93Great Job-Thank you!\94
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Trademark Search and usability project \93Fast and efficient!\94
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Logo Trademark Search and Filing \93Very professional job.\94
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Does my iphone 5 charging cable infringe on copyright or patents \93Thanks for the research and giving me the information to make an informed decision about my products. I have a product idea and would use him when the time arises.\94
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Copyrights \93Wow, lightning fast results....will use again and again and again!!!!!\94
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Trademark for my business \93Needed my Logo trademarked for my business. Patent Lawyer USA was extremely responsive and proactive. I feel like I had their undivided attention at all times. Patent Lawyer USA performed a thorough trademark search and kept me posted on their findings. Gave me advice based on their wealth of experience on the matter and filed my trademark all within a 12 hour period. Feel as though I got way more for my money than expected. I will be sure to reccommend and use Patent Lawyer USA going forward. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!!\94
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Opinion Letter \93Did an amazing job with following up and making sure everything was completed correctly! Great Job! \94
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Create a design patent for our product \93Hard working, great communication and very attentive. NICE NICE WORK! \94
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Trademark registration \93It was a pleasure to work with their contractor. Instant response, high competence. Highly recommended to work with.\94
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Company Trademark \93Thanks for your help with the trademark Patent Lawyer USA.\94
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Create a Trademark for us \93Honest and fast working. Great information. Will use again!\94
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Trademark \93Patent Lawyer USA is amazing. Very helpful and it seems as if he doesn't sleep. He is always available for legal provider!\94
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Trademark Registration - USA \93I am a repeat customer! Patent Lawyer USA is an excellent provider that is professional, has the necessary knowledge and expertise, does the jobs on time and on budget. It does not get any better. Use Patent Lawyer USA for all your trademark needs.\94
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LLC contract review \93nice job\94
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Trademarks needed for a new game company & a game name \93One of the best, most thorough projects Ive had done. their provider went out of their way to ensure the trademark process was thorough and complete. He was more interested in ensuring I get my marks then rushing their to get the escrow payout. Do yourself a favor and stop wondering which provider will get the job done right and choose Patent Lawyer USA!\94
\97 PokerPride
File a Trademark with USPTO \93A++ once again\94
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Legal - Trademarks \93Thank you for providing fast responses, excellent communication, and first rate customer service on another challenging project.\94
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Trademark & Patent in USA \93High level of professionalism and extremely fast response. A+\94
\97 Client
Trademark Renewal \93It was a pleasure doing business together, and we are already doing more. Wonderful to work with someone so professional and competent. \94
Office Action \93Many thanks for your help.\94
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Trademark Registration - USA \93Excellent provider. Very knowledgeable in their area of expertise, responsive and go the job done very fast and efficiently. I will use their service again for certain.\94
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File a Trademark with USPTO \93very fast turn around, great communication. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA!\94
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Trademark registration in US and EU \93fast and professional services indeed with the right budget! will use him for all my future clients.\94
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Coaching practice disclaimer \93Always helpful, thorough and great to work with.\94
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File a trademark \93their is the first time I have ever filed for a trademark. Patent Lawyer USA was awesome, he answered all my questions and finished the filing very fast. I highly recommend Patent Lawyer USA for any IP, trademark, or Patent work. Thanks again Patent Lawyer USA, Tom \94
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Trademark Advice \93I would highly recommend Patent Lawyer USA for all legal purposes including Trademark search and submission. Patent Lawyer USA is very detail oriented, knowledgeable and very fast in completing any task. We've associated with attorney's before but not one like Patent Lawyer USA who you can depend on at anytime for any task but most of all TRUST. Great job Patent Lawyer USA. Thank you for everything!\94
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Trademark registration \93Super fast filing of trademarks, very responsive and saved us money vs. online services.\94
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Trademark Research \93Great job!\94
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Trademark registration assistance needed. \93Excellent service for trademark registration! Everything was done lightening quick and in professional manner. Patent Lawyer USA Alia answered all my questions and handled all the paper work and submission. Without doubt, Patent Lawyer USA is a top attorney expert in the Intellectual Property field. Highly recommend him! \94
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Trademark Research \93Had a superb experience working with Patent Lawyer USA. Will definitely work with him again.\94
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I need help Forming a LLC in California \93Great work! As always!\94
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Trademark Help \93Patent Lawyer USA is great! Highly responsive, courteous, articulate and expert. Thanks!\94
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Website Disclaimer Review I used Patent Lawyer USA for a second time to create a liability waiver for a new project of mine. He was fast, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to use again, or recommend to a friend. Thanks Patent Lawyer USA, you are awesome!"
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